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Putting My Experience to Work

Living through the pandemic has inspired a fresh examination of our values and priorities; I believe that now is the time to speak up for our ideals, protecting what has made Alberta Education a worldwide leader in teaching and learning and to determine what our future in schools might look like! I would advocate for increasing health protocols in CBE schools during this fourth pandemic wave, encouraging the provincial government to abandon their recent draft curriculum, nourishing the expertise and vision of CBE educators and sustaining progressive, powerful evidence-based practices in our CBE schools!

The following life experiences make me a highly capable and enthusiastically motivated candidate to join the Calgary Board of Education trustees' circle: 

  • a Master of Education in curriculum and pedagogy,

  • a former CBE teacher, 

  • a promoter of diversity, equity, and social justice,

  • a lover of all things teaching, learning, and curriculum design,

  • a past university instructor, evaluator, and coordinator of in-school experiences for pre-service teachers

  • an engaged parent of two CBE students.

We must emphasize that our public education system is the envy of so many because of the high value we’ve placed on recruiting, developing, and retaining outstanding educators and decision-makers and the fact that we have chosen to invest in properly funding this world-class resource. While there are always improvements to be made, and education is ever-changing and growing, there is no evidence to suggest that radical changes are needed at the Calgary Board of Education!

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